Claire Till



Dr. Claire Till is a chemical oceanographer studying the cycling of trace metals in the marine environment. In particular, Dr. Till’s research group measures a suite of dissolved trace metals and works to connect their distributions in the ocean to biogeochemical cycling. On this cruise, the valiant and wonderful Super-Techs, Laramie Jensen and Brent Summers, are collecting dissolved samples for the Till group from the surface and at the 5 superstations. The Till group will analyze the surface samples with a focus on dissolved scandium, investigating whether it could be used as an indicator of scavenging. Part of this project will involve analyzing aerosols for scandium, and Dr. Buck is generously sampling and leaching aerosols for these analyses while at sea. The Till group is additionally analyzing samples from the 5 super stations, which will serve as an intercalibration between the Till group and the Fitzsimmons group, at Texas A&M.

Dr. Till is an assistant professor in the chemistry department of Humboldt State University, in Arcata, CA. She received her PhD in ocean sciences from the University of California Santa Cruz. The two lead students on this project are Kezia Rasmussen and Ben Freiberger.