Management Team

Dr. Greg Cutter, ODU

On the GP15 US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect, Greg is serving as the chief scientist in charge of the overall science on this expedition. He is specifically overseeing the contamination-prone, trace element sampling that uses the towed fish that continuously pumps clean surface seawater to the clean laboratory bubble, and the GEOTRACES Carousel (GTC) that takes samples from throughout the water column (vertical profiles) that are then processed in the GEOTRACES Clean Lab Van. Working with Dr. Cutter are the GTC SuperTechs Laramie Jensen (Texas A&M U.) and Brent Summers (South Florida U.), as well as Lisa Oswald who oversees all sample logging, zinc determinations to monitor contamination and nanomolar nutrients in surface waters of the South Pacific gyre, Kyle McQuiggan (Old Dominion U.) running the CTD system and tending the tow fish, and Sveinn Einarsson who will also tend the tow fish and take care of all BioGEOTRACES sampling.

Dr. Phoebe Lam, UCSC

On the GP15 US GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect cruise, Dr. Lam is part of the management team and will be in charge of the in-situ pumping system that will be collecting size-fractionated particles for 16 groups on the cruise. This includes overseeing the two pump “supertechs”, technician Steve Pike of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and graduate student Yang Xiang of UC Santa Cruz. Helping Yang to process samples will be graduate student Vinicius Amaral, also of UC Santa Cruz.

Dr. Karen Casciotti, Stanford

On the GEOTRACES GP15 cruise, Dr. Casciotti is part of the management team, where she is helping to coordinate sampling for investigators receiving water samples from the ship’s CTD rosette. Joined by a team from Scripps Ocean Data Facility, as well as ‘supertechs’ Marty Fleisher (LDEO) and Colette Kelly (Stanford), she will ensure that water samples are provided to those who have requested it.