Clifton Buck


Dr. Clifton Buck is a chemical oceanographer studying trace element biogeochemistry. The focus of his research is the input of trace elements to the ocean at boundaries. He is especially interested in how biolimiting micronutrients enter the ocean and their subsequent impact on other biogeochemical cycles. The North Pacific receives large amounts of atmospheric deposition from sources like the Gobi Desert and industrial activities in Asia making this cruise an ideal platform to observe the importance of atmospheric deposition to surface ocean chemistry.

On the GEOTRACES GP15 cruise, Dr. Buck will collect samples of atmospheric aerosols and precipitation. Following the cruise, he and his group will analyze the chemical composition of those samples to characterize the material entering the surface ocean from the atmosphere. Dr. Buck, in collaboration with colleague Dr. David Kadko of Florida International University, will calculate the atmospheric deposition flux rate of aerosol trace elements using the activity of the naturally occurring isotope Beryllium-7 as a tracer. They will also measure the fractional solubility of important nutrients like iron. Dr. Buck will also provide aerosol material and precipitation samples to other research groups including those studying mercury, dissolved organic matter, and various other isotopic tracers.

Dr. Buck is an assistant professor at the University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. He received his PhD in Chemical Oceanography from the Florida State University.