Nicole Buckley


Nicole Buckley is a first year masters student working with Dr. Greg Cutter.  

She will be studying the role of hydrogen sulfide in metal cycling.  When most people think of hydrogen sulfide, they see it as a smelly gas that is associated with anaerobic environments.  While this is true, hydrogen sulfide also exists in aerobic environments in very low concentrations; too low to be able to smell it.  However, the concentration is still high enough to effect metal cycling. To study this, she will be quantifying how much of the dissolved sulfide is complexing with certain trace metals. She will also be looking at the precipitation of cadmium and zinc as metal sulfides in oxygen deficient water and their role in the the cycling of cadmium and zinc. She is pursuing her M.S. in Chemical Oceanography. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in May 2018 with a B.S. in Chemistry.