Robert Mason

Rob Mason

Robert Mason is a professor of Marine Sciences, with a joint appointment in Chemistry, at the University of Connecticut. His current research is focused on the fate, transport, and transformation of mercury in aquatic systems and the atmosphere. The scope of this research includes the open ocean, the coastal zone and estuaries, as well as freshwater systems. His group’s research is examining the important transformation processes in the sediment and water (methylation, demethylation, redox transformations) and their interfaces (sediment/water and air/sea), focusing on how these impact bioavailability and bioaccumulation of mercury into aquatic organisms. For more details on his research and his research group check out his website. On the Geotraces GP15 cruise, the research focus is on the exchange of inorganic and methylated mercury at the sea-air interface, and samples will be collected both in the surface waters and in the atmosphere. His groups will also help with collection and analysis of mercury speciation samples collected throughout the water column. His student, Yipeng He will be on the first leg, and Rob will be on the second leg of the cruise. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.