Tim Conway

ConwayheadDr. Tim Conway is a chemical oceanographer and isotope geochemist from the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida. The current focus of his research is investigating the sources, sinks and internal cycling of the trace metals and their isotopes (Fe, Zn, Cd, Ni, Cu) in the oceans, and how this affects larger scale biogeochemical cycles. On the US GEOTRACES GP15 cruise, Dr. Conway is especially interested in tracing Fe from the margins and atmosphere to the sections, as well as using Zn and Cd isotopes to investigate internal cycling processes in some of the older ocean water on the planet, where mysteries about the cycling of these elements remain. Dr. Conway, in collaboration with Dr. Seth John from the University of Southern California, will measure the dissolved concentrations and isotope ratios of all five of these isotope systems in filtered (and some ultrafiltered) samples from the GTC rosette, using MC-ICPMS back on shore. His group will also be measuring Fe and Cu isotopes in aerosols in collaboration with other researchers such as Dr. Buck, to look at anthropogenic pollution to the surface oceans. Dr. Conway is currently an Assistant Professor at USF, received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2010, has completed postdoctoral research at the University of South Carolina and ETH Zurich and is currently involved in research as part of the UK, US, Japanese and German GEOTRACES programs.