Images from Leg 1 – Seattle, WA to Hilo, HI – Part 1

The sky and the sea seem endless in the open ocean. All photography by Alex Fox.

An albatross swoops above the Pacific.
fishing gear
A wayward piece of fishing gear floats along in an expanse of blue.
Clouds getting some color from the sunset.
gabi and sean looking out
There are no shortage of vistas while at sea.
Whitecaps as far as the eye can sea from the bridge of the R/V Roger Revelle.
The R/V Roger Revelle’s winch arm lets out cable as the Pacific undulates beneath.
soft ocean
The ocean takes on a bewildering variety of textures and colors over the course of a month.
Sea and sky.
The sun sets as the R/V Roger Revelle makes its way to our next station.
screen saver1
The surface of the Pacific taking on a metallic coating as the scientists of GP15 search for iron, cobalt and manganese (to name a few).
silky trash
A piece of plastic pollution, perhaps a milk crate, floats by.
sunset rays
Sunset or sunrise?
throwing bows
A partial rainbow at sea.
The engines of the R/V Roger Revelle can churn the ocean in some delightful ways.
Velella Bucket
A fellow sailor. This is a velella, a small jellyfish that travels the surface of the ocean using its transparent sail to catch the wind.
Velella Murline1
Captain David Murline holds a velella up to the horizon before releasing it back to the sea.

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